Art is Life Mural
eluciousdesign mural

Special thanks to HK Walls for giving Elucious Design the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Festival. Thanks also to all the volunteers and artists Salome Tam and Michelle Pardini who gave their time and assistance.

Mural Production

Based on my portfolio and 20+ years of painting experience, I was selected to participate in the HK Walls street art festival which took place in March of 2019. HK Walls is a nonprofit organization that selects local and international artists to paint walls within a particular district of HK in order to enrich and transform that neighbourhood into a more aesthetically pleasing and inspiring place to live.

The mural I painted is on the outer wall of the Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School in Wan Chai. Since I was painting on a school, I drew inspiration from the importance of education in my own life and tried to convey that to the many young people who would see the mural every day.  In the mural, a creature made entirely out of ribbon is standing on top of a cardboard box peering into one of the framed paintings. Within the frames are blue skies and the repeating circular phrase “…Art is Life is Art...” The creature reads the inscription “Cogito ergo sum,” a reference to the influential adage by Rene Descartes. The creature has discovered itself via art, and since it is a hollow ribbon animal, it owes its very existence to the act of thinking. This also testifies to the power of will, of looking deeper and willing oneself into becoming something more.

During the process of painting the wall, I answered a variety of questions from local residents about the meaning of the mural and its design and creation. I was touched by the number of people who stopped to talk with me and to appreciate and reflect on the meaning of my art. Overall, the community was very supportive and proud to have artists like me working in their area, and many thanked me personally for contributing to their community.

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This mural, seen here mounted with a painted frame, was also featured on the cover of the South China Morning Post's Post Magazine on August 11,2019 in Hong Kong.

This mural is located on the outer wall of the Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School in Wan Chai in the Morrison Hill Neighborhood.

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