Econarratology, Art & Intersections

I am interested in the ways in which the environment and others (defined by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or species) are imagined and narrativized in western culture. These narratives manifest at every level, from the trajectory of an individual's daily life to government policy, reflecting who we are on an individual level, cultural level, and on a species level. These relationships define us and our collective futures. However, every individual by participating in this narrativization has the ability to alter these narratives and our collective cultural trajectory.

Current Projects

Journal Article

I have a forthcoming publication in the Hong Kong Studies journal which discusses the development of public art in regard to material ecocriticism in Hong Kong based on my own research and personal experiences. For more about my specific artwork I reference in the article, please visit the webpage dedicated to my 

---. "Reading Hong Kong Neighborhoods: Street Art as Storied Matter”  Hong Kong Studies, special issue, forthcoming: Fall 2022.


Hong Kong;   Street Art;   Neighborhoods;   Material Ecocriticism;   Elucious

Book Chapter

I have a forthcoming chapter in an edited volume on the Nonhuman and American Literary Naturalism which will be published as part of Lexington Books Ecocritical Theory and Practice series. 

---. "Writing What Remains: Naturalism and the Nonhuman after Nature in Sheri S. Tepper's Plague of Angels Trilogy," forthcoming: December 2022.


Naturalism;   Nonhuman;   Speculative Ecofiction;    Sheri S. Tepper;   Plague of Angels Trilogy

Doctoral Thesis

I am currently revising my thesis "Unearthing Otherwise: Sheri S. Tepper's Quest to Rewrite the Story of Homo sapiens." 


Sheri S. Tepper;   Speculative Ecofiction;   Metanarrative;   Nonhuman  

Recorded Lectures

---. "Post-Apocalyptic Premises: Cyclical Social and Ecological Decay and Regeneration in the Novels of Sheri S. Tepper.”

Decay and Regeneration, The George Washington Graduate Student Association Symposium

March 5, 2021.

Conference Presentations

“Sheri S. Tepper & Imagining Otherwise: A Crisis of Narrative and a Narrative of Crisis.” Literary Crisis: Romanticism Before and After Conference

National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

December 19, 2020.  

“Painting Wan Chai: A Neighborhood Reimagining.”

‘The Neighborhood,’ Hong Kong Studies Symposium

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

May 11, 2019.

“Arboreal Birth Control and Spontaneous Reforestation: Vegetal and Animal Agency and Intelligence in Sheri S. Tepper’s The Family Tree.”

The Anthropocene and Beyond Conference;  Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong

May 29-June 1, 2018  

Selected Awards and Scholarships

2022                  Recipient of Special Funding, CUHK

2017-2021        Postgraduate Studentship, CUHK

2021                  Outstanding Student Award, CUHK

2021                  ELTU Creative Writing Competition, Memoir, First Place, CUHK

2021                  ELTU Creative Writing Competition, Short Story, Second Place, CUHK

2021                  ELTU Creative Writing Competition, Poetry, Honorable Mention, CUHK

2020                  ELTU Creative Writing Competition, Food Writing, First Place, CUHK 

2020                  RTM English Essay-Writing Competition, Merit

2019                  RTHK Poetry Contest, Third Place

2019                  CUHK Outstanding Student Award

2017-2021        Postgraduate Studentship

2006                  Virginia Hare Scholarship

2006                  Gould Society

2006                  The Hare Award for Fiction

2006                  The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, USA

2005                  National Scholars Honor Society, USA

2005                  English Department Scholarship, YSU

2004, 2005       English Department Deans Scholarship, YSU

Research Interests

Econarratology & Speculative Ecofiction

How we story the more than human world and how we consume and challenge those and related narratives. What does future ecology on Earth or other planets look like and why? Examining future ecology as projections and permutations of contemporary culture and contemporary crises

Science, Technology & Literature

I am interested in and stay abreast of the latest developments and discoveries in science; especially, as it relates to health, environment, and artificial intelligence. Through engagement with what Ballard called Invisible Literature, these developments can be seen projected, reflected and refracted in speculative fiction.

Authors & Agendas

As a writer and a reader, I am fascinated to discover why writers write, how they write and what they write. I am especially interested in writers who write speculative fiction and write about writing speculative fiction. I utilize this in my creative writing teaching and to gain insight into texts by writers like Sheri S. Tepper who had strong ethical motives for writing and a belief in the power of story to affect change in the real world. 

Surrealism, Magical Realism and the Fantastic 

Somewhere between fantasy and realism lies, surrealism--a fascinating literary genre often overlooked but one which has a lot to teach us about both realism and fantasy and the fuzzy line that divides them, or at least often pretends to. 

Others & Nonhumans

How do we create, reaffirm and rewrite these categories through story?

Myth & Fairytales are Cultural Revision

How are stories retold to challenge and change value and power dynamics within or across cultures and time periods?

Book Reviews 

---. “In Search of the Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Ho Chee Lick and Anne Lee Tzu Pheng’s Common Life: Drawings and Poems and Elaine Woo’s Put Your Hand in Mine.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. [forthcoming.]


---. “Four Birds of a Far Flown Feather.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. March 2019.

 ---. “Dissecting Love and Language through Audrey Chin’s Nine Cuts and desmond kon zhicheng-mingdé’s babel via negativa.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. August 2018.