Elucious and Elucious Design are the pseudonyms I work under as an artist and ecocarpenter while I conduct research and publish my creative writing as Stephanie Studzinski.


I was born in the 1980’s in Ohio, USA. I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by an endless supply of books, access to the natural world, and lots of free time to try to make sense of the two. I was free to let my thoughts wonder—to lay in the sun and read—to explore the woods and creeks and discover the beauty and significance of the natural world.

As an adult, nature is my constant companion, inspiration and sometimes sorrow as the news reports tell increasingly tragic stories about the loss of biodiversity and nonhuman life on Earth.

Acrylic                                                                     46 x 36 cm

            "I paint things as I think them, not as I see them."                                                                                             -Pablo Picasso

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As an artist, I try to copy and deconstruct nature's forms, however, whenever I begin to reassemble these elements, I find them unwilling. They insist on transformation. They have something urgent to tell me—tell us. But we need to spend time with them—and let them ruminate within us.

As a researcher, I try to find new ways to identify and deconstruct the ways in which we construct our relationship with the environment and find new ways to talk about this engagingly. 

As a writer, I feel compelled to find news ways to tell stories and engage with the imaginations of readers about the environment, both academically and creatively, which can lead to new and better futures, not just for our species but for all those connected to us in this beautifully diverse bioverse we inhabit.