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Acrylic                                                          46 x 36 cm

The painting process involves a small valve on the interior of the prefrontal cortex which, once properly engaged, will allow the mind’s magnetic poles to reverse opening the metaphorical flood gates and allowing the bottom to surface and the surface to dissipate—freeing what was previously hidden, obscured, and unknown. I gently turn thoughts over and of course, free them—letting them go on their way—along to their own purposes; this is perhaps the most easily accessible form of hunting available to modern humanity as the subject is neither harmed, maimed, or inconvenienced although the pursuant may become so in time. I catch and release, keeping an imprint only—although ‘catch’ may give the wrong impression as many cannot actually be contained due to their incredibly strong will and their considerable powers of persuasion.

Surrealscapes  are a record of incarnations before they have escape my view and evolve beyond paint. They are densely populated but the inhabitants are just beginning the process of socialization which is perhaps why they are always pierced leaving gaps for annelids and their ilk to tunnel. Annelids cultivate decay and act as the threads between life and death—stitching the two together yet keeping them apart—preventing them from consuming each other. In the distance between opposites we find the whole—all possibilities are contained—this is the virtue of contradiction. This concept is referred to throughout my work via the inclusion of contradictory perspectives, shifts in dimensions, and the juxtaposition of surfaces, resulting in the creation of uncertainty and spaces that necessitate leaping.

The Vampiric Pedestal of Silence 

Acrylic                             78 x 72 x 4cm

Acrylic, 78 x 72 x 4

(aka, Complicity)

Deep behind the moat of doubt, mired in your reflection and constructed of seamless stainless steel, it appears—looming above you, The Vampiric Pedestal of Silence. 

Surrealism, as has been said, is not a school. It cannot
     be reduced to a style and does not even offer a unique        way to feel: it opens a door onto all the unknown qualities of the mind.
                                                           ~Alain Jouffroy

Acrylic                                                                                                                                                                   120 x 43 x 4cm

Winter of Memory


Truth dripping through our teeth like blocks watches from the rafters as the usual suspects queue in search of a new Winter of Memory.

Acrylic                                60 x 48 x 1.5cm

In Phantasia Veritas

[In the Moon We Trust]

A moth, made fervent by the shades of night—emboldened by its own weakness, finds strength in the moonlight; only in the ecstasy of death, its mantra lingers: in phantasia veritas.

           If there were just one single truth, it would not be
         possible to paint a hundred pictures on the same theme.
                                                           ~Pablo Picasso
Painting is silent poetry and Poetry paintings that speaks
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